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The unique properties of Australian Merino wool

Thermal Regulation: XTM garments can absorb and store water vapour at up to 30-35% of its own weight, allowing it to control the micro-climate surrounding the human body. That is, it remains dry to touch and assists the body with its own cooling mechanism.

Climate adaptability: Merino is active, reacting to changes in body temperature to keep you warm when you’re cold but releasing heat and moisture when you’re hot.

Odour reducing: While sweat itself has no odour, if it remains on the skin over time bacteria develop and create unpleasant body odours. Merino is efficient at absorbing sweat and evaporating it into the air.

Anti-bacterial: Bacteria is attracted to smooth, positively charged surfaces. The scaly surface of a Merino wool fibre carries no charge.

Anti-static: Due to the Merino wool’s ability to absorb a high amount of moisture it provides excellent anti-static properties.

Natural stretch: The natural stretch of the Merino fibres means that they stretch with the wearer, but then they return to natural shape so there is less chance of garments sagging or losing their shape.

Biodegradable: Merino is a renewable resource, garments are often cherished for decades but ultimately they are biodegradable and return to their natural elements.

Itchiness of Merino wool?
An important characteristic of wool is its fineness (measured by its fibre diameter) i.e. the smaller the diameter the softer and more comfortable the fabric especially when worn directly next to the skin.

The itchy or scratchy sensation is due to course wool fibres (greater than 30 micron). These coarse rigid fibres do not bend when they are in contact with the skin, and irritate the nerve endings. The XTM Merino wool is on average 20 micron, making each garment soft and flexible so it will not irritate even when worn right next to the skin.

Hand wash or machine wash?
Merino wool garments are no longer hand-wash only. All XTM garments are Machine Washable (maximum temperature of 30°C).

Doesn’t wool pill?
During wear, all knitted garments are subjected to rubbing- particularly in the cuffs, lower sides, the belly and underarm. This rubbing can tease out loosely held fibres, followed by formation of small balls, known as “pills”.

XTM garments are engineered to be “naturally non-pill.” The yarn is spun from 20 micron fibres of a longer length, which combined with the yarn twist, create a durable foundation against pilling. The yarn is then knitted on circular knit machines to create light weight fabrics to be made into quality XTM garments.

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